Our Supervisors

Our academic supervisors are the lecturers assigned to our university by the director of department / program from amongst the lecturers who assist students in the course registration / registration renewal, education and project studies, and the students' problems in the higher education period from the university entrance to the end of their education. Our academic stuff in our university fulfill the following activities:

a) To make course registrations / registration renewals of the students who are supervisor / coordinator within the period specified in the academic calendar,

b) To assist the students in their projects and to evaluate their projects and report the results of the project to the students.

Department Supervisor
Department of Sociology and Psychology Prof. Dr. İsmail ULUOCAK
Department of Industrial Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Yard. Doç. Dr. Hamdi EKİCİ
Department of Computer Engineering Yard. Doç. Dr. Hamdi EKİCİ - Öğr. Gör. Novruz BAYRAMBERDIYEV
Department of Business and Economics Prof. Dr. İsmail ULUOCAK - Öğr.Gör. Sezgin ÇALIK
Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture Öğr. Gör. Serkan KANTİK
Department of Accounting and Finance Öğr. Gör. Murat BİLGİN - Öğr. Gör. Sezgin ÇALIK
Nutrition and Dietetics Öğr. Gör. Salih YILMAZ
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